Build an Equation Database

Basic Concept

There are virtually thousands of reactions that can be used for exercises. The instructors can build their own database of chemical reactions using our database feature.

Feature Overview

The equation database feature allows users to save the typed equation along with its balanced equation into a database for later retrieval. It provides Delete, Insert and Update functions.

User Instructions

Adding an newly balanced equation into a database

Upon successful completion of balancing an equation, click Add Item to add the database.

The item is now added into the table. The items in black are the original unbalanced equation and the items in red are the balanced equations.

There are four database functions:

(1) Add Item - This inserts the new pair of equations (unbalanced and balanced) into the database.

(2) Update Item - This updates the existing record. Just highlight the item in the equation list and click Update. The new equations in the edit boxes above will replace the highlighted ones.

(3) Item to Balance - This places the existing record into the edit box under Enter an Equation to be Balanced.

(4) Remove Item - This deletes the record in the table. Just highlight the item to be removed and click Remote Item button.

Equation Menu Access

The Equation menu provides a list of menu commands for manipulating the equation database.

Select Equation from the main menu.

The Equation menu has a list of menu commands to open/save/append equation table.

Here is the item-by-item description on these commands:

All files with the extension .EQU will appear. Just select the item and click Open.

To print an equation list

1. Open the table (.equ) by selecting Equation > Open. Select the table and click Open. The table appears in the equation list box.

2. Select File > Print to print.

To copy and paste a list into other applications

1. Open the table.

2. Select File > Copy to Clipboard.

3. Open an application (e.g. MS Word) and select Edit > Paste.

The equation list is now in the other application.