Introduction to SoftChemistry

SoftChemistry - A Comprehensive Problem-solving Suite for General Chemistry

Unlike mathematics and physics, chemistry is not such rigorous science, but essentially an experimental science. There is no universal rules or theories that can govern the general aspects of chemical science. It is such varied and dynamic nature that makes chemistry a fascinating science. Although quantum mechanics, in some way, provides information about molecular structures, properties and reactivities, it is still limited to its computing expense and general applicability. General chemistry covers many aspects of basic chemistry, there is no single tool which can capture them all.

SoftChemistry is intended to do just that! With a computational approach and invested tremendous effort, this software attempts to provide account on topics in general chemistry and tries to capture the true spirit of this active scientific dimension. It is a comprehensive problem solving suite tailoring just for general chemistry. It provides flexible problem solving tools, extensive details on How-To, basic concept review and ample of easy-access chemical information. It is easy-of-use with common sense approach and adapts the convention of current general chemistry textbooks.

The Features Summary

SoftChemistry provides modules for problem solving in general chemistry. Currently, there are six modules available, each has 4-12 sub-modules within.