Scientific Notation

Basic Concept

Exponential Notation expresses any number as a product of two numbers, a decimal and a power of 10, e.g. 11x103. This notation is often used to express very large or small numbers.

Scientific Notation is a more systematic form of exponential notation, which is used widely by chemists. It is a form that the number is expressed with one (and only one) non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point and an integer exponent or power of ten, e.g. 6.023x1023.

Feature Overview

This module allows conversion between numerical notation (102.01) and scientific notation (1.0201x102). and its algebraic operations.

User Instructions

Special Input Instruction: To enter an exponent, use either e-form, for example, to type in 1.1x102, enter 1.1e2.

1. Conversion to Scientific Notation

This convert numerical notation to scientific notation.

Enter a number in numerical notation and click = to output the corresponding scientific notation on the right.

2. Conversion from Scientific Notation

This does the reversal of above operation, converts scientific notation back to numerical notation.

Enter an exponential number, using the e-form, e.g. 1.01e-3. Click = to get the result.

3. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

These allow algebraic operation of any two given numbers in exponential form and output the result in the same form with the proper significant figures.