Unit Conversion

Basic Concept

Unit is a very important part of chemical measurement. It tells us what scale or standard is being used to represent the results of the measurement. There are two most widely used unit systems: English system and Metric system. The Metric system has been used preferably in scientific representation. Such a system has been called SI. The SI units are based on the metric system and units derived the metric system. The some of the most important units in chemistry are mass, energy, volume and time.

Feature Overview

This module provides unit conversion of any metric quantities. This includes total 10 types of units.

User Instructions

Click on Unit Conversion tab in the Math Review module to open it.

Click the type of unit in Conversion Type box on the left.

Under Input box, select the unit to be converted from the drop-down list and type in the value of selected unit and press Enter.

Optionally, enter the unit to be converted to in Output box.

This result of the conversion is displayed in the table.