Plug in and Balance Equation

Basic Concept

To balance a chemical equation, systematic methods can be used to approach the problem. There are basically three methods available, Inspection method, Oxidation Number method and Half-Equation method. Depending on the nature of the chemical reactions, you could use one or more methods to balance the equation.

Feature Overview

This module has been designed to balance any typical chemical reactions using sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Moreover, the unique Equation Wizard can guide you through step-by-step how YOUR equation is balanced. A detailed guide is displayed side-by-side on each step.

User Instructions

To plug in and balance an equation

Balancing a chemical equation is a single click action upon entering it.

1. Select Balancing Any Equation module from the front page. The Balance Equation main screen appears.

2. Under the Enter an Equation to be Balanced edit box, type in the unbalanced equation.

Here is the typing instruction:

3. Upon entering an equation, click the Balance button to balance the equation.

The finished equation is displayed (in red) in The Balanced Equation display box.

Click Clear to clear the edit box and restart for a new equation.

Refer to the next section Build an Equation Database for instructions in how to save equations in the database.