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To whom this software aims for?
This is mainly for high school students and college freshmen who is currently taking entry-level or general chemistry courses.

How to download, order and register SoftChemistry program online?
You can download and install SoftChemistry program for free of change. There are nine titles to use.

After you have completed and sent your order to us from our website, you will immediately get a confirmation page and also receive an email confirmation. All of your order information with your login information are in the confirmation page and a thank-you email will send to you. You can use the login informaton (E-Mail and Password) to authenticate it online and use all of titles.

Are SoftChemistry's on-line order forms secure? Can I safely send credit card information?
The SoftChemistry's Online ordering has two order channels. You can place your order either through the iTransact's secured web server, operated by iTransact, Inc. or through your Paypal account, operated by, an eBay Company.

Your confidential information will automatically be encrypted in transit from your computer to us using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

So your online ordering is safe in a vast majority of cases, however if you feel uncomfortable sending confidential information via the Internet, you may send a Mail with your order information to

I have an order version of SoftChemistry program, can I upgrade to the current version?
Yes. You are free of charge to upgrade all the chapters you have purchased. If a new chapter is added and released, you need to buy it separately.

Do you have Macintosh version?
Not at this time.

Can SoftChemistry be run on which version of Windows?
SoftChemistry, a 32-bit software, supports Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 and Windows 2000/XP, Vista and Window 7.

Why a commerical software so cheap?
This software is for students and teachers and it is priced at student level, which is below the shareware cost.

How do you make this software so smart?
We have developed a set ChemWizard engines using both chemistry and math, so all the problems are solved in real time.

I have seen a lot of poorly developed academic software, are you one of those?
Definitely not. You can see the difference in our educational materials, online Help, user interface and smart problem-solving engines. We are a group of veteran scientists and senior software engineers, developping software at the enterprise level. Education is our passion. We put our expertise and knowledge to share with the future generations via offering top-quality education software like SoftChemistry.

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