Simple Steps to Order SoftChemistry 4.20

SoftChemistry 4.20 has three volumes with nine individual modules. You may order individual modules for your needs. However, you will get remarkable discount and save if you order by volumes in longer membership terms:

  • Order any one volume (three modules) for $69 - over 20% in savings!
  • Order any two volumes (six modules)    for $89 - over 49% in savings!
  • Order all three volumes (nine modules)  for $99 - over 62% in savings!

  • Order Permanent use of full version in one time, you will get a big discount with total only for $149.00

This is a limited time offer. Order now and save.

If you like to purchase multiple site licenses, please contact us at to get a quote for even further discounts.

Before placing an order, please download the software and install it first.

Step One:  Select the modules below.

Volume A
$69.00 (3 Moudles)
Module #1 - Clickable Periodic Table (All basic parameters with graphing features)   $29.00
Module #2 - Structures and Bonds Wizards (Lewis structure, Binary Compound, etc.) $29.00
Module #3 -Gas Laws (12 Sub-Modules of calculations) $29.00

Volume B
$69.00 (3 Modules)
Module #4 - Chemical Calculator (Basic math, unit conversion, significant figures, etc.)  $29.00
Module #5 - Equation Wizard (Balance any of your selected chemical reactions) $29.00
Module #6 - Solutions Chemistry (Molarity, Molality, Dilution calculations) $29.00

Volume C
$69.00 (3 Modules)
Module #7 - Formula and Stoichiometry (Empirical Formula, Reaction Stoichiometry, etc.) $29.00
Module #8 - Acids and Bases (10 sub-modules: Buffer Solution, Titration calculations) $29.00
Module #9 - ThermoChemistry (Enthalpy, Entropy and Free Energy Calculations) $29.00

Order all of Volume A, B, C together (one year) $99.00 (9 Modules)
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