Chemical Resources
Learning at your own pace and obtaining your GED certificate can allow you to get that job that you have wanted.
Internet Journal of Chemistry
A new electronic journal dedicated to publishing chemistry in the Internet. The entire journal is structured to take advantage of the electornic publishing medium to enhance the communication of chemical research.
NIST WebBook
A fantastic collection of chemical data collected by NIST. Search the database by chemical formula, name, or molecular weight. Obtain thermochemical data (for over 4000 organic and small inorganic compounds) for the gas and liquid phase, proton affinities, and more. Also contains IR and NMR data, which are viewed through interactive Java applets.
Words for SAT
SAT words are carefully selected to test student's English proficiency of reading and writing in their daily lives as well as in school, which, in terms of Word Frequency of Occurrence (WFO), lies in a certain WFO range.
Publishing Chemistry on the Internet
A description of how chemistry publications may evolve in the future, making use of Chime, VRML, and MIME.
Chemical Education Resource Shelf
This archive, based at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, contains a comprehensive list of chemistry textbooks in print and links to publishers. This service was formerly called "Chemistry Textbooks in Print".
Thermodynamic data and property calculation sites
Interactive site for thermochemical data
American Chemical Society
Theory of Atoms in Molecules
A nice example of using the web as an educational tool - here is a brief overview of Bader's topological electron denisty method, prepared by Bader himself. More work like this on the web would bring about an outstanding reference series!
A borad listing of industrial services, jobs listings, and product guides
An introduction to chemistry for young children
Scientific Creations, Inc.
Scientific Creations, Inc. is an educational design and multimedia development company. Reaction MasterT is an educational software which teaches chemistry students to identify fundamental chemistry reactions, while Formula MasterT enables students to practice chemical elements, ions and formulas, and test on what they have learned.

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