Introduction to SoftChemistry
Basics of Chemical Calculations
       Basics of Chemical Calculations
       Significant Figures
       Basic Math Operation
             Scientific Notation
             Quadratic Equation
       Unit Conversion
       Physical Constants
Atomic Structure and Periodicity
       Atomic Structure and Periodicity
       Periodic Table and Atomic Properties
       Periodic Relationships of Elements
       Element Properties
       Periodic Table Chart
Chemical Bond and Molecular Structure
       Chemical Bond and Molecular Structure
       Lewis Structure and Resonance
       VSEPR Model and Molecular Geometry
       Bond Polarity and Dipole Moment
       Molecular Orbital Theory
       Hybrid Orbitals
       Binary Ionic Compounds
Balancing Chemical Equations
       Balancing Chemical Equations
       Balancing Any Equation
             Plug in and Balance an Equation
             Build an Equation Database
       Stepping Through Equation Wizards
             Inspection Method
             Oxidation Number Method
             Half-Equation Method
             Equation Summary
       Interface with Other Applications
             Using Equation Module with Other Applications
       The Mole and Molecular Weight
       Percent Composition of Compounds
       Empirical and Molecular Formula
       Reaction Stoichiometry
       Boyle's Law
       Charles' Law
       Gay Lussac's Law
       Avogadro's Law
       Combined Gas Law
       Ideal Gas Equation
       Ideal Gas Law with Density
       Ideal Gas Law with Molecular Weight
       Gas Stoichiometry
       Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
       Graham's Law of Diffusion and Effusion
       Real Gases - Van der Waals Equation
       Percentage By Mass
       Percentage By Volume
       Percentage By Mass/Volume
       Solution Stoichiometry
       Boiling Point Elevation Freezing Point Depression
Acids and Bases
       Acids and Bases
       Weak Acid Dissociation
       Weak Acid Mixtures
       Salt Producing Acidic Solution
       Salt Producing Basic Solution
       Buffered Solutions (Acid/Salt) and pH Changes
       Buffered Solutions (Base/Salt) and pH Changes
       Titration (Strong Acid-Strong Base) & pH Curves
       Titration (Weak Acid-Strong Base) & pH Curves
       Titration (Strong Acid-Weak Base) & pH Curves
       Standard Enthalpies of Formation
       Hess's Law
       Entropy Changes in Chemical Reactions
       Free Energy and Chemical Reactions
       Selected Thermodynamic Data
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